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Debra Carey

Cancer Survivor & Nutrition Coach

One of the first things people ask me when they find out I’m living without a stomach is … ‘but how do you eat?’. My answer is simple … ‘just like you, I just don’t have the capacity’.  This always seems to be reassuring but there is more to it than just giving up the big meals. Having a gastrectomy is an opportunity to take a good look at your life. Not just nutrition and eating habits but our way of life. How we cope, the support we receive, the love we have and most importantly, how we love ourselves. My experience has been a huge gift which has led me down a different life path. One I now enjoy with all my heart and have finally learnt how to truly love me!

My training as a Nutrition Coach and my journey as a cancer survivor has gifted me with some amazing sources of information and resources that I now share with you.

My book ‘Stomach Free Life – A gastrectomy survival guide’ and the information you’ll find here and in the Stomach Free Life community, is essential reading for you if you’re about to embark on your own stomach free life.


Everything you need to live a full and wonderful life absolutely on your own terms.

Debra Carey author of Stomach Free Life

My Story

My stomach free life began in March 2019 when I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I had always believed that I was a healthy person but after only 50 years of life, I realised that our bodies need more nurturing than I ever expected. Although I had remedied my earlier hedonistic years by exercising regularly, eating well, not smoking and alcohol in moderation, the damage had been done. A stressful life combined with always putting others ahead of myself, took its toll and I was heading for disaster.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that my consistently bad choices around stress, working too much and putting my family and friend’s needs ahead of my own undermined my health and produced the perfect environment my body needed to develop cancer.

I had been having trouble eating and swallowing food for a while and over time, and with the right doctors, discovered the reason was stomach cancer. A massive shock I can tell you but rather than given in to the diagnosis, I decided there had to be a way out. And there was!

Early on I decided if I was going to get through this, I needed to do more than rely solely on others to take care of my health. It was up to me to take full responsibility for my recovery and do everything possible to nourish and care for my body, mind and soul. Whatever lifestyle changes needed to happen; I was totally prepared to do them. Not only did I have to survive, I had to do it very well.


On my Stomach Free journey back to full health I made some truly transformative factual and transformative discoveries and that’s what I share both in my book Stomach Free Life, this website and on the Stomach Free Life Facebook Community.

Regardless of what stage you are at on your healing journey, you’ll find something to support your new stomach free life. You can choose a new set of life options and take charge of your own health and wellbeing.


Debra Carey

Stomach Free Life Book

'Given the right support, our immune system is capable for healing the most extraordinary situations. With the right nutrition at all levels, you'll have the key to your own perfect health.'

Cancer survivor and nutrition coach, Debra Carey's Stomach Free Life book is a must for anyone about to embark on their own stomach cancer journey. Whether you're in for a partial or full gastrectomy, Debra gives you all the information you need to live a full and wonderful life absolutely on your own terms.

Available from 21st June 2021


Stomach Free Life

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