Fruit Loaf with Butter

One of the best calorie packed snacks. Make your own fruit loaf or bara brith as it’s known in the UK, or buy one already made. There’s so many lovely options in stores including gluten free options. Top with lovely butter and enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. This fruit loaf is a good source of Phosperous, Vitamin B1 and Folic Acid.



Ready In:

1hrs 30mins



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Fruit Loaf with Butter

By: Debra Carey

Fruit loaf or Bara Brith as it’s known here in Britain, is a perfect afternoon or morning treat. Packed with fruit and spices, it is quite high in sugar content, so I suggest only one piece at a time to ensure you don’t risk Dumping Syndrome.

This recipe has honey instead of sugar. So if you are buying a loaf from the store, or from a cake shop, check the quantities of sugar first. You don’t want to overdo the sugar. Toast and top with butter and let it melt. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy.

bara brith


  • 300g dried fruit, chopped
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 orange zest
  • 250ml black tea
  • 2 tsp mixed spice
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 50g butter, soft, plus extra for greasing and to serve

Add calories with:

This recipe is already heavy on the calories but you could add more honey and more dried fruit for a denser loaf. Also, chopped nuts will make this more nutrient packed and give it a little crunch. Soak the nuts along with the fruit in the tea overnight to ensure they don’t burn when baking the loaf.

fruit loaf with butter


A quick guide to calories, macronutrients and micronutrients for this recipe. Percentages are based on a recommended 2,000 calorie diet. Grams (g), milligrams (mg), microgram (ug/mcg).

  • Calories: 257 kcal 13% 13%
  • Carbs: 59.53g 23% 23%
  • Sugars: 15.41g 17% 17%
  • Protein: 4.83g 10% 10%
  • Salt (Sodium): 431.77g 22% 22%
  • Total Fat: 0.96g 1% 1%
  • Saturated Fat: 0.22g 1% 1%
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 0.19g 0% 0%
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.23g 0% 0%
  • Trans Fat: 0g 0% 0%
  • Cholesterol: 16.37 mg 5% 5%
  • Fibre: 3.43g 12% 12%
  • Calcium: 131.22mg 16% 16%
  • Magnesium: 7.71mg 2% 2%
  • Potassium: 292.45mg 8% 8%
  • Iron: 2.3mg 16% 16%
  • Zinc: 0.31mg 3% 3%
  • Phosphorus: 217.82mg 31% 31%
  • Vitamin A: 70.93iu/mcg 9% 9%
  • Vitamin C: 2.64mg 3% 3%
  • Thiamin B1: 0.24mg 22% 22%
  • Riboflavin B2: 0.17mg 12% 12%
  • Niacin B3: 2.07mg 13% 13%
  • Vitamin B6: 0.03mg 2% 2%
  • Folic Acid B9: 110.12iu/mcg 55% 55%
  • Vitamin B12: 0.04iu/mcg 2% 2%
  • Vitamin D: 0.09iu/mcg 2% 2%
  • Vitamin E: 0.07mg 1% 1%
  • Vitamin K: 0.12iu/mcg 0% 0%

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Tip the fruit into a bowl with the sugar and orange zest. Pour over the tea, stir everything together and leave to soak overnight.

Step 2

Heat oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Grease and line the base and short sides of a 900g/loaf tin with 1 strip of baking parchment. Tip the flour and spice into a bowl, and beat in the fruit and soaking liquid. Add the egg, followed by the butter, spices, honey and orange peel. Beat until you have a well-combined, stiff batter, then tip into the prepared loaf tin.

Step 3

Bake for 1¼ hrs, covering with foil or parchment if the top starts to get too dark. Check with a skewer – if it doesn’t come out clean, give it another 5-10 mins in the oven.

Step 3

Leave to cool in the tin for 10 mins, then remove and leave to cool completely. Serve sliced and buttered, if you like.

People Who’ve Made This

“A sumptuous treat any time of day. It’s a favourite of mine with a cappucino to get me through the afternoon.”

Debra Carey

Nutrition Coach, Orchard Isle Nutrition