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Cancer survivor and nutrition coach, Debra Carey’s Gastrectomy Survival Guide is a must for anyone about to embark on their own stomach cancer journey. Whether you’re in for a partial or full gastrectomy, Debra gives you all the information you need to live a full and wonderful life absolutely on your own terms.

‘Given the right support, our immune system is capable of healing the most extraordinary situations. With the right nutrition at all levels, you’ll have the key to your own perfect health.’  … Debra Carey

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What’s in the Book?

Stomach Free Life gives you everything you need on your gastrectomy journey in a simple and clear way. No overwhelming information or confusing terminology. Clear, to the point and easy to use. It gives you tips and ideas on learning to eat again. Plus, weight gain and nutritional smoothie recipes. Meal plans that are straight-forward with basic tasty food options.

Take a look at the contents:

      • Coping with Diagnosis
      • What is a Gastrectomy?
      • The Big 3 Questions
      • Surviving Surgery and Hospital
      • Learning to Eat Again
      • The Importace of Vitamin B12
      • Food Allergies and Intolerances
      • Body Image and Exercise
      • Debra’s Protocol for Healing
      • Smoothie Recipes and Meal Plans
      • Being An Informed Patient

Author Debra Carey

Debra walks you through everything you need to know to not only survive your gastrectomy journey but thrive. On your own terms, completely! 

Stomach Free Life author Debra Carey

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