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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is an important part of all our lives but much more important for those who've had a gastrectomy and now living a stomach free life. How we support our bodies with good food has never been more important. There is a wealth of information but most not particularly accurate or helpful. So that's where nutrition coaching comes into play. Understanding how your body works with your 'new plumbing' is key to ensuring you live a life full of vitality and glowing health.

Nutrition Coaching

Personal Coaching

Eating well without a stomach doesn’t need to be a challenge. How you adapt your diet and eating habits are the keys to living well. Understanding how your body digests food and processes nutrients will give you a firm foundation to creating your own eating plan that’s perfect for you and your condition.

We’re all individual and that means what’s right for one person won’t work for another. Personal coaching is about discovering what works specifically for you. Your intolerances, preferences and adaptations you’ll now need to make to live a healthy stomach free life.

Having a gastrectomy is life changing but it doesn’t need to be drastic. Having the right information from those who have travelled this road before can make all the difference.

Working with me 1-to-1 will get you fast tracked to a plan that suits your body and lifestyle. Together we will develop a core foundation of nutrition, supplements and knowledge that will serve you well on your journey to health, vitality and a long life. 

Group Coaching

As well as personal nutrition coaching, Debra works with groups and organisations that have an interest in improving their understanding of health and nutrition. This can often be more cost effective for individuals within the group and coaching can be tailored to that group’s particular interests and needs.

Organisations that Debra has worked with include cancer support groups, nutritional interests groups and corporate organisations who wish to encourage their staff to lead healthier lives.

The benefits of working in groups means more opportunities to cover common topics, ask questions and gain an overall understanding of nutrition from a wider perspective.

group nutrition coaching
stomach free life talks and seminars

Talks & Seminars

Debra regularly gives talks and attends seminars to discuss topics around living well stomach free. She provides unique insights from her experience with cancer, not only surviving it but also the discoveries she has made along the way. Her protocol, views on supplements and the food system we have and how it can change to encourage us all to be healthier. Sooner rather than later.

Currently, due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, her schedule has been temporarily postponed. We are hoping the schedule will be able to go ahead later in 2021 or early 2022. If you would like to invite Debra to conduct a talk or attend a seminar, please get in touch.

Debra Carey

Stomach Free Life Book

'Given the right support, our immune system is capable for healing the most extraordinary situations. With the right nutrition at all levels, you'll have the key to your own perfect health.'

Cancer survivor and nutrition coach, Debra Carey's Stomach Free Life book is a must for anyone about to embark on their own stomach cancer journey. Whether you're in for a partial or full gastrectomy, Debra gives you all the information you need to live a full and wonderful life absolutely on your own terms.

Available from 21st June 2021


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