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How to live a stomach free life

SFL Talks and Seminars are opportunities for groups to learn and discuss how to live a stomach free life. These not only cover how to eat well and good nutrition but also how our mindset plays an important part in our well being. Recovery tips, exercise and how to cope with Dumping Syndrome. Plus, you have the opportunity to talk to others and hear their stories on what works well so you can adapt that information to fit your own lifestyle.

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Book a talk

Arrange a private talk for your organisation or health group. These are a great opportunity for more specialised events where Debra will discuss the issues most relevant to the group. These require a month’s notice in advance, and depending on availability, will be for approximately 1-2 hours with questions and answers at the end of the talk. For more information please get in touch.

2021 Schedule


Due to COVID-19 the current schedule of talks is postponed. Please make an enquiry for future dates.


Currently, all seminars with Debra Carey and Stomach Free Life have been postponed. Please contact us for future dates.

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