Recommended Books

Recommended books that could help you on your own stomach free journey. These have been recommended by Debra Carey and members of the Stomach Free Life Community.

Nutritional Books

Optimum Nutrition Bible - Patrick Holford

The Optimum Nutrition Bible

Patrick Holford

An exceptional reference book that easily explains how to achieve optimum nutrition for healing and why. Without going overboard with technical details, Patrick explains how to achieve the perfect diet for you, boosting your immune system and how to create your personal nutritional programme. If you can’t afford your own nutritionist, then this the ‘the’ book to get and absorb.

Optimum Nutrition for Vegans - Patrick Holford

The Optimum Nutrition Bible for Vegans

Patrick Holford

The vegan version of The Optimum Nutrition Bible for those following a plant-based diet. Patrick covers what nutrients we need to ensure our bodies are getting optimum nutrition. The book features 100 easy and delicious recipes that nourish your body and brain including protein and fats. Plus how to control sugar and energy for overall health for vegans.

Loving Yourself To Great Health - Louise Hay

Loving Yourself to Great Health

Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane

The wonderful Louise Hay teams up with natural health and nutrition experts to reveal her secrets to health, happiness and longevity with a nutrient-rich life. Simple yet profound system to heal your body, mind and spirit. Raising your health, your moods and your energy to the next level.

Debra Carey

Stomach Free Life Book

'Given the right support, our immune system is capable for healing the most extraordinary situations. With the right nutrition at all levels, you'll have the key to your own perfect health.'

Cancer survivor and nutrition coach, Debra Carey's Stomach Free Life book is a must for anyone about to embark on their own stomach cancer journey. Whether you're in for a partial or full gastrectomy, Debra gives you all the information you need to live a full and wonderful life absolutely on your own terms.

Available from 21st June 2021


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